Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Customer first

There is a book from HCL CEO, it says customer comes second. As he says because the employee comes first.

This true, as if you take care of employee then employee will take care of customer.

There is one saying,  you have to earn creditably, before we ask him or her for extra payment.  We have to do value-add to the customer.   You have to start walking,  before you run:)

It is always our duty to ensure customer is satisfied.  And then only we can ask for extra.

How well,  we understand the customer, will be helpful in building revenues and credibility.

For example, simple task may be creating a web site for the customers.  If the requirement is only web site creation, if customers gets the backend admin screen as part , that will be great success story for the organizations. It will be extra bonus, if we provide customer lifetime support:)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Do you need financial planning?

This is among the couple of articles on this blog. There are some surprises,  when someone asked me to do financial planning.

If you have not done, please start planning. First step is to "find a planner". Person who is in that line of business and friendly neighbour.

Few things you have to make sure
1. Your risk capacity.  Risk tools are available on the web. This will show, how much risk you can take.
2. Current assets
3. Liabilities
4. Financial goals
5. Future priorities
6. Do take care money, it will take care of you:)

Have started my financial planning, have you started yours?

Miles to go before ...

This is my post after long time :)

In Winning friends, have added a stanza of the same poem  as follows.

Sanskrit (Devanagari)TransliterationEnglish translation
उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत,
क्षुरासन्न धारा निशिता दुरत्यद्दुर्गम पथ: तत् कवयो वदन्ति
Uttisthata Jagrata Prapya Barannibodhata
Kshurasanna Dhara Nishita Dustayadurgama Pathah tat kabaya badanti
Arise! Awake! Approach the great and learn.
Like the sharp edge of a razor is that path,
so the wise say−hard to tread and difficult to cross.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shahzada to Shah-zyada ....

The end of era of congress party in india. "Bharatiya Janata Party" bulldozed great grand old party of india.

This historic win made the way for BJP under able leadership of shri Narendra Modiji . He is the Leadet on par with charisma of great leader shri Atal bhihari Vajpai? . He is strong personality from the Gujart.  Famous as Amul of Gujart.  He was earlier Chief Mister of Gujart (from land of Mahatma Gandhi)

Like USA , in India too people grow from rags to riches. Read Obama of India.  Shri Narendra Modi clocked in  many miles during 2014 elections.  India has historic presidential style campaign.

Social media media coverage, holgraphic Video beaming via satellite is extensively used by BJP team.

Strong RSS , BJP senior folks made a historical non congress government.

He was swayam-sevak (read RSS foot workers) and grown from lowest level to highlight level. RSS is meant for great culture and builds a character in a person. RSS builds self sustained and contained culture.  This is due to ethics of the organisation built on trust.

BJP is great organization of great ethics and branch-away from earlier janasangh. The RSS ideologies are embedded inside organisation. It gave great leaders like Advani, who has strong Hindu face of organisation. Vajapai a great orator and served as "prime minster" of short lived government at center. ( Earlier government collapsed due internal Quarrels. And then it branched away many politics parties. )

Narendra Modiji washed all the arrogant, caste based, regional patries.

BJP projected Narendra Modi as "Prime Minster" candidate.  With great RSS foot workers and very strong leader ship, he mesmerised and made Congress to Waterloo.

Congress is reduced to minority losing all the states. It got zero seats in many states.  This election saw all the smaller local parties to bite dust.

This is truely historic a party other than congress party to cross historic figure. This puts end to congress and collation government like earlier government.

Best wishes to Indian people and Narendra Modiji.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Statement of work or purpose

This is something like coffee, tea or me.   Keeping that aside of meaning of this statement, let us analyze(what to analyze?)
  • "is plant first or seed"?
  • "hen/chicken or egg first"?
Too much confusion, on above?
  • Only Darwin can help or someone can help on this conversation? 
Coming to our main topic, after everyone walked away from this article (finally)
  • Statement-of-work is a one thing, what we do. For example construction of 3 bhk home. It does not say, what is the value-add?. How does end customers benefit?.  Did you find some statement like, home in the park or two minutes driving distance from financial town. 
  • In the software terms , it does not say value add. Additions of componemts and module's it will talks about.
Statement of purpose example:
  •  To deliver "xyz" feature or elimination of the manual entry.
  • To reduce downtime
  • To increase sales by ten folds
Any more thoughts on this?